Data Communications

Our researchers have been developing next generations of super-high speed, low latency data communications network technologies and node elements for all-optical networks. These include advanced, proprietary modem, router, switch, POF cable set systems, AOCs, other pluggable devices.

Optical Cable Set System
This proprietary and patent-pending technology is abbreviated as OCS. It is especially designed to replace regular copper-based RJ45-connectored Ethernet cables (Cat., 6, 7,8 and later versions). The current version is OCS Gen5, with designed max speed of 1Gbps. Versions of higher speeds will be promoted later.

The current cable system is composed of a pair of O/E transceivers, A and B, a length of GI-POF optical cable (standard 6 meters, with option length of 1 m to 1,000 m), with operating wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm (same as typical glass optical fibers). Transceiver A or B is equipped with RJ45-connectors, so the whole cable system is used in the same manner as a regular capper-based Ethernet cable, but with much desired improvements in properties. Typical key properties are listed below.

Transceiver A or B (bi-directional) speed, Mbps (limiting of system)


Operating Wavelengths, WDM mode


Shell Material

Specialty Magnesium Alloy

Power pack/cord-length, cm

100-240?/USB Type C – 1m

Length (body), cm


Width (body), cm


Height (body), cm


Length (RJ45 connector), cm


GI-POF cable

Main material of fiber

Perfluorinated polymer

Fiber core structure

Graded index

Optical connector type


Length of cable,m

6 (standard), option 1 - 1,000m

Max designed speed, Mbps

≥ 1,000,000 (@ 1m length)

Min. bending diameter of fiber, mm

≤ 3.0

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AORouter :

This proprietary and patent-pending router of current version features optical connectivity. This unit is different from traditional routers in that it eliminates the RJ45 electrical port(s), replaced with optical port(s). It is designed to accept GI-POF optical fiber in the signal-in end; GI-POF fiber, preferred, in the signal-out end.


An essential element of the All Optical Network;

Signal in – GI-POF, light and bendable;

Signal out – GI-POF, light and bendable;

Super high data transmission speed, low latency;

Works best with FlexMI’s AOModem;

Suitable for modern high speed smart living, office, datacenter, etc.


Signal-in media


Signal-out media


Signal-in/out ports

Optical (SC or others)

Optical fiber operating wavelengths, nm


GI-POF Cable length,m


Data Transmission speed, Gbps

1,(exp to 10, 100)

Signal latency


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AOSwitch :

This is Dexyan’s another proprietary, patent-pending technology that features from 4 up to 256 optical ports with either SC or LC or other types. It is designed to accept especially super-high speed GI-POF cables. Customers will benefit from the demonstrated properties such as all-optical connectivity, improved bandwidth, etc.

Other Designs and AOCs.

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