Our Team developed advanced optical fibers, based on perfluorinated polymeric materials with graded index structure, GI-POF. These fibers use the same operating wavelengths those of glass optical fibers (GOFs), and hence are potentially capable of forming all optical networks with GOFs.

GI-POFs are more bendable and transmitting at super high speeds with short distances (1Gbps and higher).

GI-POF related technologies and peripheral are also developed to assist customers.

Materials – revised coming soon

Fabrications– revised coming soon

Connectors/Couplings– revised coming soon

Applications– revised coming soon

Light Sources– revised coming soon

Chipsets– revised coming soon

GI-POF/GOF Pairing– revised coming soon

For more information and for China market, please consult:info@dexyan-global.com;

For NA markets please refer to : www.chromistechnologies.com.